The beauty of Arch

02-06-21 14:53

After many years of using Debian I find that Arch is so much easier. I used to collect scarce debs s...

Linux and mysql

02-06-21 7:34

The current mysql has root disabled (good) but new ways to set up users (consfusing).

This sets up...

Edit the KDE exit timer

01-06-21 7:36

To change the number of seconds on the KDE exit timer you need to edit


Fix Evolution print

01-06-21 7:35

Currently Evolution is unable to print, it has been an issue since at least v3.38. This is a workrou...

Manjaro onto Chromebook

31-05-21 7:34

I downloaded manjaro-xfce-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59.iso and put it on a USB stick using Mint sti...