The beauty of Arch

02-06-21 14:53 simon

After many years of using Debian I find that Arch is so much easier. I used to collect scarce debs so I could reuse them if I installed another distro or another machine. None of that seems necessary now with the wonder of the Arch User Repository (AUR).

Today I needed to edit a PDF file and evince failed to do it. I recalled I used Master PDF editor in Debian and sure enough I kept the deb file.

Thinking it would be a long shot I, I search with yay, and found

aur/masterpdfeditor-free 4.3.89-1 (+64 2.46) 

A quick install later and I could edit the file and email it right back, in seconds I had achieved what I needed and no local files needed.

You can read about Arch here


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