Systemd logout on updates

01-09-23 8:46

A recent change in the Arch system meant after some pacman upgrades I was being logged out. I could...

Arch and scrcpy

25-02-23 12:10

We don't get very good phone reception at home and many things are moving to SMS codes to confirm lo...

Xplanet in 2023!

13-01-23 15:16

Many years ago I set up xplanet and used it for the desktop wallpaper, I thought I would have a go a...

Arch VPN fixes

13-01-23 15:01

On starting the machine a network with vpn was causing the network connection to stall, I am not sur...

Closing the lid with XFCE4

22-10-22 10:06

After setting up a new laptop and find the lid switch is not recognized by logind or xfce4 power man...