Termux bashrc

26-05-23 20:05

This took some working out but this checks if the SSH server and VNC are running, it starts the ssh...

Arch and scrcpy

25-02-23 12:10

We don't get very good phone reception at home and many things are moving to SMS codes to confirm lo...

Android $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set

28-08-21 9:49

Today I installed a new ROM and in setting it all up I came across what seemed to be a simple proble...

Dropbear setup

23-08-21 8:48

Using dropbear is a simple way to access other file systems, whether on Linux or Android.

This is...

Flash Umidigi F1 with Bliss

02-06-21 14:24
adb reboot fastboot
fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot flash recovery ./TWRP/TWRP_Lineageos.img