Arch and scrcpy

25-02-23 12:10 simon

We don't get very good phone reception at home and many things are moving to SMS codes to confirm logins.

The problem is receving a code means going out into the street or upstairs to get signal, then going back to the computer before the code expires.

A solution is an Android screen sharing program so I can leave the phone upstairs and view from my computer, enter scrcpy

To install this you just need to type

paru -Syu scrcpy

Then to run it over wifi, setup and start adb over wifi on the phone and then create a bash script with this in

while ! ping -c 1 -W 1; do
    notify-send --icon computer 'Waiting on network'
    sleep 1
adb tcpip 5555
adb connect
scrcpy -S --serial --bit-rate 4M --max-size 800
adb disconnect
adb kill-server

My phone has a static address of, change this to your phone's IP address. Now I can view the screen and use my mouse as a remote finger. The script above starts ADB then connects to the static IP address and starts scrcpy, then when I close the window it shuts it all down again, ready for next time.