Ungoogled Chromium

Continuing the setup of the Chromebook I find that even Chromium is slow to load some pages, maybe I...

Arch with luks and LVM on a Chromebook

Disk setup Check your drives:

fdisk -l

We’ll be installing Arch on the SSD /dev/mmcblk1 by cre...

Installing Arch on a Chromebook

10-07-21 9:44

Having already tried Manjaro and Endeavouros I have moved my main machine to Arch Linux.

When in...

Manjaro onto Chromebook

31-05-21 7:34

I downloaded manjaro-xfce-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59.iso and put it on a USB stick using Mint sti...

Endeavouros onto Chromebook

05-05-21 7:36

Having tried Manjaro I decided to give Endeavouros a go and the same problem, with a similar fix.