Auto Login from tty

24-08-21 12:00

If you want to login directly from the tty without a display manager, this is a working method for A...

Dropbear setup

23-08-21 8:48

Using dropbear is a simple way to access other file systems, whether on Linux or Android.

This is...

Chromium v92, systemd and nss

21-07-21 8:09

Updating chromium this morning causes it to hang on start, the error message points to a network con...

Thunar Archives and Catfish

15-07-21 18:26

If I extract an archive with Archiver and then click Show Files, I was being presented with a catfis...

How to Install Yay on Arch Linux

09-07-21 10:15

Yay is an AUR helper and pacman wrapper. It is a popular tool for managing packages on Arch Linux. I...