Rclone and Nextcloud

03-11-22 12:15

Let’s start by running the RCLONE configuration tool:

rclone config Then use the following options...

Windows 11 installed with qemu kvm

26-10-22 9:27

For the most part this is fairly simple, but Windows needs a little tweaking to work without the TPM...

Closing the lid with XFCE4

22-10-22 10:06

After setting up a new laptop and find the lid switch is not recognized by logind or xfce4 power man...

LUKS keyfile for GRUB2

30-09-22 13:49

Having setup a LVM disk with LUKS encryption on my main machine, I used the guide I made for the Chr...

Nextcloud Web Calendars Not Refreshing [FIX]

The default fix for setting a manual refresh time is using the terminal on the server. Having set up...