Rclone and Nextcloud

03-11-22 12:15 simon

Let’s start by running the RCLONE configuration tool:

rclone config Then use the following options:

n) New remote

name = nextcloud

type = webdav

url = https:///remote.php/webdav/

vendor = nextcloud

user = <your nextcloud username>

pass = <your nextcloud user password>

bearer_token = Remote config

This sets the configuration, in rclone, then we need to mount it on login.

Here we add this as a startup option or to your startup script

rclone mount nextcloud: ~/Nextcloud --daemon --vfs-cache-mode writes &

The directory ~/Nextcloud must exist and be empty.

It is then shown as a remote filesystem in your filemanager


You can use this for all supported places, as shown above, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.


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