18-04-24 8:47 simon

I originally had the recipe off:-


450gm Strong white flour 7gm quick bake yeast 300ml water 300ml Plenish Almond Drink (I am Lactose intolerant) 1tsp Sugar 1tsp Salt

1 Warm Almond Drink and Water together

2 Place all the ingredients into a bowl and beat until smooth. Put to one side until frothy and the size has doubled.

3 Grease a heavy frying pan and some 4 inch egg rings. Heat.

4 Half fill each ring.

5 Cook the crumpets until the surface bubbles (about 5 minutes). Reduce heat until the bubbles have burst.

6 Turn the crumpets over and for further time until the edges of the bubbles start to brown, slightly.

7 Re-grease, increase the heat and repeat.

There you are easier than pan cakes. pikelets-recipe-nz-328487437