Windows 11

29-06-21 10:29 simon

As you may imagine, I have installed Windows 11 to see what has changed rather than getting excited about the new release.

Having finished the installation and had quick look round it appears to be a minor update with yet another Start Menu. I don't mind this one but then I quite like KDE so maybe that is where Microsoft got their inspiration.


Here is a gallery of the screenshots during installation. I am grateful there is still an offline account option, I half expected that to vanish too.

VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_22_25 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_00_27 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_01_00 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_01_22 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_02_01 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_02_46 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_15 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_19 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_25 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_31 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_36 VirtualBox_Windows%2011_29_06_2021_18_03_41


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